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  Amanda Platt Pilates


"My weekly Pilates class is an absolutely essential part of my week. It’s my hour away from the stresses of work and home to concentrate on nothing but how my body feels.  I always come away from class feeling more flexible, taller, less tense and certainly more relaxed and happy and I don’t think anyone in class would disagree with that.  Over the last six years, I’ve learnt much more about my body, identifying areas of weakness and strength, trying new exercises and stretches each term and learning techniques to keep my body supple.  Pilates not only helps with your overall flexibility, strength and posture, it also helps me enormously to manage headaches which are largely due to tension.  Painkillers won’t get rid of these headaches, but a Pilates class or half an hour at home with a therapy ball makes an enormous difference.  I started Pilates classes before I became pregnant for the first time and I believe that Pilates helped me through my pregnancies as posture really is everything and it has given me a very good understanding of how important the breath is, not just for Pilates but in other exercise, lifting at home and in the garden and indeed for childbirth.

None of Amanda’s classes are the same.  We concentrate on using different pieces of equipment and specific exercises each term built around lots of stretches.  If you do have a specific issue that has encouraged you consider Pilates, Amanda will work with you to build strength in that area, and highlight exercises that you shouldn’t take part in or how they can be adapted to make them safe for you"
Francesca Megicks

"I have been doing Pilates for about 15 years and love it. Amanda is an attentive teacher who monitors her pupils carefully and is particular about technique to ensure pupils gain the full benefit of the exercises. Amanda is very skilled at adapting the exercises for individuals who may have an injury without drawing attention to them or disrupting the flow of the class.

Pilates keeps you strong, flexible and in great shape. It is also ideal for people with back and joint issues and I thoroughly recommend Amanda as a brilliant teacher"
Fiona Taylor

"I have been attending Amanda's Pilates classes for the past four years. Originally I went to keep my youngest daughter company. I quickly became enamoured with the whole experience, and realised how good I was feeling after each class. It has changed my body shape, kept me supple (for me at 66 years old this is important) and it has also strengthened my inner core muscles.

I attend two of Amanda's one hour classes each week, they are relaxed, informative and we manage to have a laugh or two as well.

I know Amanda attends lots of teaching seminars herself - always finding knew ways to get us to stretch and new ideas which she passes on to all her classes.

My eldest daughter has now joined her sister and I in attending Amanda's class making this a truly family membership.

Thanks Amanda" 
Jennifer Shilton

"I have suffered periodically with back pain for about 20 years and it was affecting my job as a dance teacher. I knew from past experience that I needed to find a good Pilates teacher to help me balance and re-align my back. Joining Amanda’s classes has made a huge difference in helping me keep mobile and strengthen my core to allow me to perform well at work.

The atmosphere in class is friendly and welcoming and Amanda’s passion for Pilates is very clear.

She regularly attends courses to extend her knowledge and keep up with current thinking. This enables her to keep her classes fresh and interesting, combining classical Pilates with modern practises.

Amanda has an overall plan for the term where a specific area is focused on. This will be adapted for the individuals she has in front of her who may be recovering from injuries. Exercise have different layers of difficulty so you can work at your own pace and level and as the classes are small Amanda can keep a careful watch over everyone in the class."
Julia Buckley