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Amanda Platt
  Amanda Platt

After many years in a high pressure career I decided to change my lifestyle and wanted to do something that would benefit others in a meaningful way.  I selected Pilates as I had been doing classes for some time and found them very beneficial in improving my posture and to de-stress!

With my years of corporate training experience I retrained to teach Pilates with the Pilates Foundation.

Each year I continue to develop my knowledge and expertise by attending workshops and events held by the worlds foremost Pilates Teachers.

I am rewarded by the fact that my clients improve their posture and body alignment to achieve their personal objectives in attending my Pilates classes.

I follow a strict code of ethics and code of conduct as laid down by the Pilates Foundation I am fully insured and have a current first aid certificate.

I am a member of
The Pilates Foundation
Register of Exercise Professionals

Workshops Attended

Chronic Low back pain
Stott Pilates Intensive Reformer
Pilates Matrix, Concepts of Core Stability
Ron Fletcher Pilates
Teaching strategies for Postural patterns
Pilates for the Mature client
Challenges of teaching a group Matwork class
Re work Re view Pilates Matwork
Core Motivations
Fascia Works
Intriguing Matwork skills
Kinetic Precision
Anatomy of stress Somatic movement
Auxiliary equipment
Extension in the Pilates Method
Effective Spinal articulation and extension
Seeing with your hands
Let’s get back to our feet
Hip and Knee Rehab
A Closer look at Sacro Iliac problems
Pilates and the Hyper mobile client
Understanding the Shoulder
Pre and Post pregnancy
Pelvic Girdle pain
8 week mindfulness course
Introduction to Alexander technique
Proprioception a seventh sense
Pilates and Neurology
Golf and Pilates

Wright Foundation
Stott Pilates
Warrick McNeill MCSP
Ron Fletcher
Deborah Lesson
Alan Herdman
Jillian Hessel
Tisha Harrington
Marie Jose Blom
Marie Jose Blom
Jennifer Stacey
Tanya Thompson
Kat Hesse
Annabelle Forde
Dianne Miller
Hana Jones
Hana Jones
Hana Jones
Mary Thornton
Dominique Jansen
Josephine Halsall / Georgie Ferraro
Warrick McNeill MCSP
Rachel Rafiefar
Sarah Fishburn
Cambridge Buddhist centre
Gerda Druks-kok
Jennifer Elphinstone
Gotz Lehle
Michael Gale
Ingrid Lootvoet

Ron Fletcher worked directly with Joseph Pilates and later with Joe's wife Clara before setting up his studio in Beverley Hills.

Alan Herdman trained with Carola Trier and Bob Fitzgerald in the USA before he bought Pilates to the UK in 1971, he has a studio and training facility in London and continues to lecture all over the world.

Deborah Lessen is president of the Pilates Method Alliance in the USA. A veteran Pilates Teacher acknowledged as a leader in the field of Pilates. Deborah trained with Carola Trier who was a protege of Joseph Pilates.

Dianne Miller is at the forefront of the Pilates movement in Canada, she began training with Ron Fletcher but has also studied with Romana Kryzanowska (a successor to Joseph Pilates) Carola Trier and Alan Herdman.